ProvinceProvincial volunteer coordinatorEmail
CMIFlaminia[email protected]
AFRIQUE CENTRE-EST - CENTRAL EAST AFRICA (2003)Teo Grageda Vázquez[email protected]
AFRIQUE CENTRE-EST - CENTRAL EAST AFRICA (2003)Viateur Nsabagasani[email protected]
AFRIQUE DE L'OUEST - WEST AFRICA - ÁFRICA DEL OESTE (2021)John Kusi-Mensah[email protected]
AMÉRICA CENTRAL (1949)Carlos Monroy[email protected]
AMÉRICA CENTRAL (1949)Teste 1209[email protected]
BRASIL CENTRO-NORTE (2003)Alvanei Aparecido Santana Finamor[email protected]
BRASIL CENTRO-SUL (2002)Bruno Manoel Socher[email protected]
BRASIL SUL-AMAZÔNIA (2015)Regina Biasibetti[email protected]
CANADA (2021)CPV Casa Geral[email protected]
COMPOSTELA (2004)Belén Salas García[email protected]
COMPOSTELA (2004)Jacinto Escudero[email protected]
CRUZ DEL SUR (2003)Mónica Linares[email protected]
EAST ASIA (2007)Edgar Ceriales[email protected]
EUROPE CENTRE-OUEST - WEST CENTRAL EUROPE (2000)Brigitte Riedmaier[email protected]
EUROPE CENTRE-OUEST - WEST CENTRAL EUROPE (2000)Priscila Staniski[email protected]
EUROPE CENTRE-OUEST - WEST CENTRAL EUROPE (2000)Renate Hacker[email protected]
IBÉRICA (2004)Antonio Tejedor [email protected]
L'HERMITAGE (2003)Pau Tristany[email protected]
MADAGASCAR (1982)Njakatiana Heriniala Randriarivony[email protected]
MARIST DISTRICT OF ASIA (2013)Francis Attah[email protected]
MARIST DISTRICT OF ASIA (2013)Kim Anselmo[email protected]
MEDITERRÁNEA (2003)Fernando Domínguez del Toro[email protected]
MEDITERRÁNEA (2003)Juan Pablo Hernandez Castillo[email protected]
MÉXICO CENTRAL (1959)Ma. del Socorro Alvarez Noriega[email protected]
MÉXICO OCCIDENTAL (1959)Juan Pablo Rojas Salgado[email protected]
NIGERIA (1992)Benedict Umoh[email protected]
NORANDINA (2003)Diego L. Zawadzky Zapata[email protected]
Proyectos Inter (NEXUS)CPV Casa Geral[email protected]
Proyectos Inter (NEXUS)Guillermo Moreno Barrero[email protected]
Proyectos Regiones (NEXUS)CPV Casa Geral[email protected]
Proyectos Regiones (NEXUS)Priscila Staniski[email protected]
SANTA MARÍA DE LOS ANDES (2002)Claudia Gonzalez[email protected]
SANTA MARÍA DE LOS ANDES (2002)Gregorio Delgado[email protected]
SANTA MARÍA DE LOS ANDES (2002)Juan Garcia[email protected]
SOUTH ASIA (2007)Saul Placious[email protected]
SOUTHERN AFRICA - ÁFRICA AUSTRAL (1999)CPV Import[email protected]
SOUTHERN AFRICA - ÁFRICA AUSTRAL (1999)Daniela Sefora Goeieman[email protected]
SOUTHERN AFRICA - ÁFRICA AUSTRAL (1999)Priscila Staniski[email protected]
STAR OF THE SEA (2022)Chris Wills[email protected]
STAR OF THE SEA (2022)CPV Casa Geral[email protected]
STAR OF THE SEA (2022)Daniel Nguyen[email protected]
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - USA (2003)Owen Ormsby[email protected]

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