CMI is a department of the General Administration. It creates synergy in the Marist Life Area alongside the secretariats of Brothers Today, Laity and Lavalla200> in the Marist Life Area, and alongside the Secretariats of Education and Evangelisation, and Solidarity and FMSI in the Marist

To foster a better understanding and appreciation of international, intercultural living and mission, living in a globalised world in a different way, and encouraging global availability for Marist life and mission.  In doing this, it seeks to:
Set up and expand Marist Volunteering through the CPV Network;
Work at developing new inter-congregational initiatives and partnerships;
Foster a Culture of Encounter;
Promote, manage the emergence of international and interprovincial communities;
Promote the creation of a new mindset and the conversion of the heart in view of Global Availability.

Developing a culture of solidarity and global availability to build up a Global Charismatic Family for the mission.

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