By Volunteers we mean Marists, brothers and lay, who freely and willingly offer their presence and service in one of the eighty countries where the Marists are carrying out their mission. They may be sent or received on mission under a variety of names or designations:
• As a missionary brother, a Religious appointed by his leaders to some country or mission context;
• As a Marist volunteer, lay or brother, sent for a limited time and with a specific task;
• As a person who stays with a Marist community for a time contributing to its mission or as an intern.

To become an interprovincial Marist volunteer requires:
- Minimum age of 18;
- Availability for volunteering time of three months or more;
- To have a Marist link;
- To follow the guidelines of the Provincial Volunteer Coordinator (CPV).

Who sends a Marist volunteer?
The Province or Marist District from which the volunteer comes.

Who receives the Marist volunteer?
The Province or Marist District where the receiving Marist community is located.

Registration and contacts
The candidate for an international volunteer must contact the Provincial Co-ordinator for Volunteers (CPV), appointed by the Provincial, who will give advice about the process to be followed.

Marist: the adjective Marist for the Volunteering Program and the Volunteers manifests a particular or identity style of its own. We are seeking to develop fraternity through a community experience, a spirituality that springs from the heart and a solidarity service in the key of rights and empowerment of volunteers and beneficiaries of the mission.

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