COLLABORATION for mission international 
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Cmi - Collaboration for mission, international
The Cmi department is part of the General Administration. It works with the General Council in the development and accompaniment of projects and initiatives which respond to the calls of the General Chapter appealing to global availability, intercultural living, and collaboration at all levels of the Institute. See below for examples of how this works in practice.  
C: Collaboration Marists of Champagnat together;
m: for mission: to the most vulnerable children and young people;
 iinternational:  expressing our global availability for intercultural community.
Objectives of Cmi: 
  • Develop and grow an international Marist Volunteer Network.
  • Promote and manage the establishment of International and Interprovincial communities.
  • Support the life and mission of the Marist District of Asia (MDA).
  • Foster a Culture of Encounter and an international mind-set among all Marists.
Cmi develops the following international mission initiatives 
  1. Special Communities
       Cmi collaborates with international, intercultural and inter-congregational communities:
  1. Lavalla200> International Communities for a new beginning. 
  2. Fratelli Project
  3. Solidarity with South Sudan
  4. Marist District of Asia (MDA)

B. Marist Volunteering 

International solidarity is expressed through our sharing of human resources, as well as our economic assets. Cmi promotes and coordinates an Interprovincial Volunteer Program.

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